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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and former school-based therapist - turned full time mama. I thrive on helping others improve their lives! This blog includes information about products that I've found helpful on my journey as a mama from from personal experience and trial and error. My hope is that it's helpful to you!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

March is National Social Work Month!

Social Work friends: our job is not easy, and often thankless...but those little moments are so worth it: when you see something 'click' for a client, when you see families reunite, when you see and are part of someone overcoming an obstacle, when you connect someone to a much-needed resource, when you are THERE for someone when nobody else seems to be...you matter! You are a social worker because your heart holds so much love. If you're not told often enough, THANK YOU for all you do! You make a difference!
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Being a social worker means: source unknown
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